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Camouflage Tent Material
Camouflage Tent MaterialMaterials:PE
Regular size: 2X100M
According to the requirements of customers....

Camouflage Tent Material


Regular size: 2X100M

According to the requirements of customers....,

Mesh: 9x9

Weight: 100gsm

Denier: 600D

Color: various colors available



Tear resistant  

Stronger and lighter than canvas 

• Different sizes and colors are available   

• Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transprotation and storage   

• Water-resistant and washable: prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture   

• UV stabilized   

All purpose cover;  

Camping, Picnics,Boats. Tough outdoor stuff.

For recreational vehicles, trucks, boats, construction sites, firewood.

Multi-purpose: truck cover, trailer cover, equipment cover, ground cover, emergency shelter, painting tarp, trailer awning, etc.


In accordance with the above conditions, we come to know five materials that compare today's manufactured tents:

(1) Nylon (NYLON): It is strong in tension, bright and smooth in color, not easy to fade, and soft in texture. It has good strength, is not easy to mold, and is not insect-infested. It has low hygroscopicity and does not harden when it freezes. It is currently used most Wide material.

(2)canvas: waterproof, heat insulation effect is good, the sun is not hot, but the texture is hard and heavy, easy to moisture absorption, easy to mold and fade, the economic benefits have been inferior to nylon.

(3) TC cloth: The so-called TC cloth is a fabric blended by T (commonly known as Tetoron tetoron) and C (commonly known as cotton). The warp yarn is knitted with a special dragon, and the weft yarn is woven with cotton yarn and synthesized into a TC cloth. , It has both the characteristics of both, wear-resistant, durable strength, good permeability and strong texture, and more for large and medium-sized household accounts.

(4) Silk velvet silk: nylon and rayon blended fabric, so after synthesis of nylon and rayon characteristics, smooth fabric, good air permeability, but durability and strength is not as good as pure nylon, mostly used in continental cold In the climate, if the camp door is closed under cold weather, it must also be able to disperse the water vapor in the account, so as not to be too stuffy or too wet, so it is necessary to reuse the cloth.

(5) CORETEX: It is the product of the latest technology in the United States. It can breathe, but also waterproof, light weight, wear-resistant, durable, but the price is quite expensive. At present, there are raincoats and rain pants imported from coretex, and the price is economic.


Q: How can I get some samples? 
A: Samples provided by request. Customers are expected to pay freight/courier cost. We provide small (within 1.0mts *1.0mts) sample free of charge, larger size samples are expected to pay sample fee, and those sample fee will be deducted from the payment for coming orders.

Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control? 

A: Quality is priority! Every worker and QC keeps the QC from the very beginning to the very end: 

   a. All raw material we used are passed the strength test. 

   b. Skillful workers care every detail in sewing, printing, stitching, packing process; 

   c. Quality control department specially responsible for quality checking in each process. 

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