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UN Tarpaulin
UN TarpaulinMaterials:PE
Regular size: 4*6M United Nations
According to the requirements of customers....

UN Tarpaulin


Regular size: 4*6M United Nations

According to the requirements of customers....,

Mesh: 14*16


Denier: 1450D

Color: white


Reinforced corners

Metallic grommets every 3 feet


Tear resistant   

Stronger and lighter than canvas  

• Different sizes and colors are available    

• Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transprotation and storage    

• Water-resistant and washable: prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture    

• Rope reinforced hem and heat sealed edges    

• UV stabilized    

• Metal grommets in intervals on the edge



Use caution

Waterproof tarpaulin products have waterproof, weather resistance, mildew, flame retardant

When using the canopy and the boat canopy, it is necessary to use a rope to braze the canopy. Otherwise, the wind can also cause the adhesive layer to fall off at the crease.

Tarpaulin maintenance and storage methods are very helpful for the operation of the tarpaulin

The majority of customers who purchase tarpaulins usually put the tarpaulin in a cool vent after using canvas. The reason is simple.

Tarpaulin outdoor weather in the open air and rain for a long time will become a bit old. Effective extension of tarpaulin life cycle:

1, as far as possible away from corrosive items.

2. After the tarpaulin is used, you can properly clean the tarpaulins on the waterproof tarpaulin.

3. After the tarpaulin is used, the stored environment can be selected in a cool room.

4, tarpaulin try not to be heavy object pressure, can be placed in the corner of the warehouse. Master the above related

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