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Truck Tarps
Truck TarpsMaterials:PE
Regular size: 6X8M
According to the requirements of customers....

Truck Tarps


Regular size: 6X8M

According to the requirements of customers....,

Mesh: 16*16


Denier: 1000D

Color: Olive green


Reinforced corners

Metallic grommets every 3 feet


Tear resistant   

Stronger and lighter than canvas  

• Different sizes and colors are available    

• Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transprotation and storage    

• Water-resistant and washable: prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture    

• Rope reinforced hem and heat sealed edges    

• UV stabilized    

• Metal grommets in intervals on the edge

All purpose cover;   

Camping, Picnics,Boats. Tough outdoor stuff.

For recreational vehicles, trucks, boats, construction sites, firewood.

Multi-purpose: truck cover, trailer cover, equipment cover, ground cover, emergency shelter, painting tarp, trailer awning, etc.


Cartons or bales

INCO terms:

FOB Shanghai or Ningbo,

Lead time: 30 days from confirmed order


Truck Tarpaulin Precautions:

1 Covering: The basic requirement is that the cargo load height exceeds 1m above the side wall or the gondolas in which the escort rides shall not cover the tarpaulin. Tarpaulin, tarpaulin ropes should not be used as cargo reinforcements.


2. The goods that need to be reinforced must be tied and reinforced before the tarpaulin cover tarpaulin. There are no residual old ropes, iron wires and other wastes on the ropes.

3. When the loading height of the cargo is lower than the side wall of the vehicle, a tarpaulin support can be installed, and anti-grinding measures should be taken at the place where the protruding part of the support is in contact with the tarpaulin. When the lid is liable to damage the tarpaulin, wear or protective measures shall be taken between the tarpaulin and the goods.

4. Pre-coverage quality inspection: cloth body is complete, no damage, eye circle is intact, mark, number is complete and clear. The rope is complete, complete, without joints, and firmly connected with the tarpaulin.

5 cover method: front (waist rope outward) vertical cover. The tarpaulin sagging height should be the same on both sides of the truck. The tarpaulin at the end of the manpower brake of the wagon droops to cover the end wall with a height of 300mm to 500mm, and the other end hangs down to cover the height of the end wall by 600mm.

6 Cover a tarpaulin in each car. When the vehicle is short, the excess part of the tarpaulin can be folded under the tarpaulin at the two adjacent waist cords in the middle, and the two waist cords of the folded part are tightly tightened at the opposite corners.

7 Tighten the tarp corner rope so that the angle of the tarpaulin will expand to a triangle on the inner side. The angles on both sides of the tarpaulin will be flattened and folded toward the wall of the truck. The corners of the vehicle shall be tightly wrapped around the corners so that the pressure rope will press the corners.

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