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Woven Fabrics Of Plain Weave
May 31, 2018

Warp and weft woven fabric is the simplest form of Sanyuan organization, woven with a pattern. The plain weave consists of two warp yarns and two weft yarns that form an organization cycle, expressed in fractions. Plain weave fabric is the same as the opposite appearance, warp, weft weaving point between the most.

It is widely used in cotton fabrics such as plain cloth, poplin and canvas, Fanliding in wool fabric, taffeta in silk fabrics, grass cloth in linen fabrics, and industrial and defense fabrics. The warp and weft in plain weave fabric are made of different raw materials, yarn numbers (branches), degrees, the direction, color, latitude and longitude yarn density and change each reed through the warp root number and so on, can make the fabric to obtain a variety of different appearance effect, and then after different finishing process will form a variety of varieties, such as fine by the coarse weft ti, strong silk made of Georgette, The concealed stripe fabric made of different yarns and the strip bubble yarn woven by different warp tension. On the basis of plain weave, the tissue points are extended along the warp or weft direction or at the same time along the warp and weft two directions, so that the tissue circulation expands, and many plain change organizations, such as Shingping, weft weight and fangping organization, can be evolved. These tissues are used to weave a variety of fabrics, such as linen woven with a weft-leveling weave, and a fangping-woven plate division.