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Woven Fabric Satin Texture Organization
May 31, 2018

An evenly distributed but discontinuous fabric structure of two adjacent warp yarns or weft yarns. Satin weave is divided into two kinds of satin texture and weft satin. It is one of the most complex of Sanyuan organizations. The separate tissue point of the satin weave is covered by a floating line of two adjacent warp or weft yarns. The fabric surface is smooth and well-spaced, soft, shiny or slightly textured.

Satin weave fabric uses a wide range, commonly used as Beimian, clothing, uppers and decorative cloth.

Cloth--Cotton printed woven fabric

Cloth--Cotton printed woven fabric (2 pieces) Satin tissue can be expressed in fractions, the molecule represents the number of yarns in a tissue cycle, the number of pieces, the denominator is the number of flies, the number of fly to the surface of satin, the number of weft fly for the weft satin. Satin one tissue circulating yarn number is not less than 5, flying number should be greater than 1 and less than tissue cycle yarn number minus 1, fly number and tissue cycle number should be each other prime.

The commonly used satin weave circulation yarn number is 5, 8, 12, 16, the more tissue circulation yarn number, the fabric surface yarn float longer, the gloss is better, the fabric is softer, but the fastness is worse. The surface of satin fabric is mostly covered by the length of the warp, in order to highlight the warp effect, the warp tightness must be greater than the weft tightness, and the ratio of general warp and weft tightness is about 5:3, such as Bakong, Su Yi, etc.

The surface of the weft satin fabric is mostly covered by the floating length of the weft, in order to highlight the weft effect, the longitudinal compactness must be small Yu Yu, and the ratio of general warp and weft tightness is about 2:3, such as Shanggong. In order to make the satin fabric soft, the yarn with less degree of use. The effect of yarn on the appearance of satin fabric has certain influence. Warp or weft satin weft yarns on the fabric are twisted to the same direction as the fabric texture, and the surface gloss is good, such as Shanggong.

If the yarns on the canvas are opposite to the texture of the fabric, the satin

The texture of the fabric surface, such as Bakong. A number of satin-textured tissue can be developed on the basis of satin tissue. If a single or multiple tissue points are added around the warp or weft tissue point to strengthen the satin texture, and the different flying numbers are used in one tissue cycle to form the altered satin tissue, such as six changed satin texture, its flying numbers are 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, extending the warp or weft to the tissue point to form a heavy satin tissue, often used in the weaving of handkerchiefs. Satin weave with other tissues can form satin poplin, satin handkerchief and other fabrics. ...