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The Complex Organization Of Woven Fabrics
May 31, 2018

Complex tissue is composed of a system of warp and weft of two systems, or the warp of two systems with the weft of a system, or the warp of two and more than two systems, interwoven with the weft of two and more than two systems, applied to clothing, decoration and industrial fabrics. This weave fabric is thick, dense, or improves the wear resistance and fastness of the fabric, or the surface of the fabric, or satisfies a particular requirement. 

The following are some of the most common complex organizations. 

1. The two-dimensional organization, which is woven from two systems of Warp (both the meridian and the Meridian) and a system of weft, is called a two-weight organization, and the tissue is called the weft double, which is interwoven by the weft (weft and weft) of two systems and the warp of a system. 

Using this tissue to weave fabric, can obtain the same or different appearance of the fabric, and can make the fabric on both sides of different colors of the stripe or pattern, by the double tissue is often used for weaving advanced combed wool fabric, and weft secondary tissue is often used in weaving blankets and heavy woolen fabrics.

2. Double layer tissue is composed of two systems of warp (gauge, Li Jing) and two systems of weft (weft, weft) interwoven, at the same time forming a parallel between the upper and lower two layers of fabric. These two layers of fabric can be separated from each other, or they can be connected to each other. A tubular fabric can be formed by connecting only the two sides of the upper and lower layers. Two-piece fabric can be woven on a narrow loom by connecting only the upper and lower layers. Use two or more color yarn as the interior and exterior warp, weft, and according to the design of the pattern exchange table and exterior layer, you can get the pattern of color change. The upper and lower layers are bonded together to obtain the double layer fabric. 

Two-layer tissue is commonly used to weave cotton fabrics such as thick coat it, paper blankets, double upper cloth and fire hose. 

3. The tissue of raising and raising tissue is composed of two system warp yarns (Earth warp, wool warp) and a system weft, or a system warp and two system weft yarns (weft, Mao Yan). The former by the warp yarn to form the fabric surface of the plush, called the fleece Fabric, the corresponding organization known as the hair-raising tissue. The latter form the fabric surface from the weft wool, called weft fleece Fabric, the corresponding organization called weft-raising tissue. When weaving the fabric, the upper and lower two layers of cloth are formed at the same time on the loom, and the distance between the two layers is two layers of fluff height, and the fabric is divided into two layers of separate pile-raising fabric after cutting. Ping, plush and other fabrics are used by the raising of tissue weaving system. Weft-raising fabric weaving, Mao Yan and Warp formed by the weft floating long covered on the surface of the fabric, after cutting velvet, weft floating length was cut off, after finishing processing to form plush. 

Corduroy, dry velvet, tweed and other fabrics commonly used in weft-raising tissue weaving system. 

4. Towel Tissue Towel Organization is composed of two systems of Warp (earth warp, wool warp) and a system of weft weaving. The cloth is interwoven with the weft and the weft is woven into the fabric. With the help of the special warp and weft-punching mechanism of the loom, the hair ring is formed and covered on the surface of the fabric. Face towel, towel, bath towel, towel and so on are used towels organization weave.