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The Characteristics Of Woven Fabrics
May 31, 2018

The main feature is that the fabric has warp and weft points.

When the warp and weft material, yarn support and density are different, the fabric presents anisotropy, and the different interweaving rules and finishing conditions can form a variety of appearance styles. The main advantage of woven fabric is that the structure is stable, the cloth is flat, and the hanging phenomenon does not appear, it is suitable for various tailoring methods. Woven fabrics are suitable for a variety of printing and dyeing methods, in general, printing and jacquard pattern than knitwear, knitted and felt fabrics more sophisticated. There are a wide variety of fabric designs. As a garment fabric, washable resistance is good, can be renovated, dry cleaning and all kinds of finishing. Although woven fabric is not as elastic as knitwear, after finishing not at that time will cause jingwei skew, thus affecting the clothing tailoring, sewing processing and wearing effects of deficiencies, but with its overall advantages, is widely used in clothing.