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The Change Organization Of Woven Fabrics
May 31, 2018

1. Plain change organization: Plain weave Change is based on the organization of the plain weave changes.

2. Twill change Tissue: a chevron (including a chevron twill and a weft-shaped twill) that is used to change the direction of a twill grain in a short distance. It is organized on the basis of gas twill tissue, cotton fabrics, such as the human word, wool-woven B-coat it, women and so often using chevron twill. 

In addition to the above three kinds of twill change, there are some common tissues, such as broken twill, sharp twill, slow twill, serrated twill, rhombic twill, curved twill, Gingsi twill. 

3. Satin change tissue: satin change tissue is based on the texture of the original tissue, the use of increased by (or weft) tissue point, the change of the number of tissue point fly or extend the tissue point of the method. Among them, the strengthening of satin pattern is in the original tissue satin tissue of a single warp (or weft) tissue point around the addition of single or multiple (or weft) tissue points. The change of satin pattern is based on the common satin texture, and the method of changing the number of tissue points is formed. Satin-textured tissue is often used in weaving certain fabrics such as scraped fabrics, satin-back gabardine, etc.