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Joint Organization Of Woven Fabrics
May 31, 2018

A joint organization is a new organization that is formed by uniting two or more original or changing organizations in a variety of different ways. The method of formation of the joint Organization can be a simple combination of two kinds of organization, or it can be the arrangement of two kinds of yarns, or it can increase or decrease the organization point in one organization according to the law of another. The stripe organization in a joint organization is obtained by configuring the two or more organizations in parallel. Due to a variety of different organizations. Their fabrics look different, so they tie them together and form a clear strip or lattice appearance on the surface of the fabric. The lattice organization is commonly used in the organization of dyed fabrics, sheets, handkerchiefs, scarves, tweed and other fabrics, in addition to the organization, there are crepe tissue, through-hole tissue, honeycomb tissue, convex strip organization, mesh organization and small jacquard organization.