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Fabric Introduction And Maintenance Of Tarpaulin
Jan 22, 2019


   Tarpaulin is a very widely used product in our lives. The fabric of the tarpaulin is also different and has different requirements. In the fabric, it is mainly divided into the inner fabric and the bottom fabric. The tarpaulin factory below introduces the fabric and maintenance of the tarpaulin.

Tarpaulins are generally rain-proof. In people's eyes, it is generally used to calculate the rain-proof performance of how many mm of water per square centimeter. For example, high-quality tents will reach 3000-4000mm, so their rain-proof level will rise, reaching a continuous rainstorm. The general tents are rainproof above 1500mm water column, which can only prevent moderate to heavy rain. Although the rainproof indicator of the tent is relatively high, its ventilation is also an important issue. Because if it is not breathable, it will affect the quality of the products in our tents. Only two goals can be achieved to ensure the high quality of the products.

Maintenance of tarpaulins:

1. After using the tarpaulin, be sure to collect all the parts and neatly. Do not leave any parts missing, avoiding a lot of troubles when you use them later, and can't cover the items well. .

2. We must carefully study the instructions for the tarpaulin, and then install the tarpaulin. Pay attention to the installation process, such as whether the tarpaulin buckle is properly positioned, etc., and do some details of installing the tarpaulin.

3. Do not place their storage location near sharp objects while the tarpaulin is being stored.

4. After storing for a period of time, take it out to dry it to prevent bacteria from appearing.