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Characteristics Of Woven Fabrics
May 31, 2018

1. Cotton is a general term of all kinds of cotton textiles. It is used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft personal, hygroscopic, breathable good.

Its disadvantage is easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, the appearance is not neat and beautiful, when wearing must often ironing. 

2, linen is hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, banana hemp, such as a variety of hemp plant fiber made of a cloth. Generally used to make casual wear, work clothes, but also the production of ordinary summer clothes. Its advantages are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, good ventilation.

Its disadvantage is to wear not very comfortable, the appearance of more coarse, blunt. 

3. Silk is a general designation of all kinds of silk fabrics made of silk as raw material. Like Cotton, it has many varieties and different personalities. It can be used to make a variety of garments, especially for women's clothing. Its advantage is thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, gorgeous color, full of luster, noble and elegant, wearing comfortable.

Its deficiency is easy to wrinkle, easily suction body, not strong enough, fading faster. 

4, woolen cloth is also called wool, it is to use all kinds of wool, cashmere woven fabric of the general term. It is usually used to make dresses, suits, coats and other formal, high-grade clothing. Its advantages are wrinkle-resistant, soft, elegant and crisp, full of elasticity, warm and strong.

Its disadvantage is mainly washing more difficult, not suitable for the production of summer clothes. 5, leather is a tanned animal fur fabric. It is used to make fashion and winter clothes. Can be divided into two categories: one is leather, that is, after the hair treatment of leather. The second is fur, that is, the processed leather with a belt hair. Its advantage is lightsome warm, elegant.

Its disadvantage is that the price is expensive, storage, nursing requirements higher, it is not suitable for popularization. 

6, chemical fiber is the abbreviation of chemical fiber. It is the use of macromolecule polymer as raw material made of fiber textiles. Usually it is divided into artificial fibers and synthetic fiber two major categories. Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, overhanging crisp, smooth and comfortable. Their shortcomings are wear resistance, heat resistance, hygroscopicity, permeability is poor, easy to deformation in case of heat, easy to produce static electricity.

Although it can be used to make various types of clothing, but the overall grade is not high, difficult to ascend.

7, blending is the natural fiber and chemical fibers in accordance with a certain proportion, mixed textile fabrics, can be used to make a variety of clothing. Its advantage is not only absorbed the advantages of cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber, and as far as possible to avoid their own shortcomings, but relatively inexpensive in value, so very popular.