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Waterproof Canvas Classification
May 31, 2018

Waterproof canvas is a special process made of waterproof or wet, moisture-proof, cold canvas, generally refers to the plastic coating series. is by the fiber fabric and chemical filler material, after leaching, coating, scraping, baking, cold and other production processes produced. Coated series of waterproof canvas standard material composition is made of high-strength tensile polyester woven from the cloth, high quality resin powder, plasticizing agent, stabilizer, appropriate amount of calcium powder with other small amount of chemical raw materials processing, 100% waterproof. Most northern parts of the country are known as sheet, and some parts of the south are also known as Gabe, tarpaulin and tarpaulin. PVC coated cloth, waterproof nylon cloth and so on. [1] PVC coated fabric is mainly PVC (ie PVC), PVC canvas processing in the manufacturing process to increase the plasticizer, anti-aging agent, such as some auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, and so on, surface coated paste resin with growth agent, mildew agent, anti-aging agent, such as a variety of chemical additives, with non-flammable,

High strength, resistance to climate change and excellent geometrical stability and also has waterproof, mildew, wear-resistant, durable, cold, anti-aging, and other natural functions. Waterproof nylon has excellent mildew resistance, flame-retardant, 100% Waterproof, relative to other canvas more waterproof, good low softness, high strength, strong tensile, relatively light. The main processing mode is high-temperature heat sealing. ...