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Technical preparation of woven fabrics
May 31, 2018

Before the mass production, first of all, technicians do a good job before the technical preparation. Technical preparation includes the process sheet, the formulation of the model and the production of sample clothing three content.

Technical preparation is an important means to ensure that mass production is carried out smoothly and that final products meet customer requirements. Process alone in the garment processing of the guiding document, it on the specifications of clothing, sewing, ironing, packaging and so on have put forward detailed requirements, clothing accessories collocation, seam density and other details of the problem also be clear, see table 1-1.

All the procedures in the garment processing should strictly refer to the requirements of the process sheet. Sample production requires accurate dimensions, complete specifications. The contour line of the related position is accurate and consistent.

The model should be marked with clothing section number, location, specifications, the direction of the silk grain and quality requirements, and in the relevant splicing place stamped model Composite chapter. After the completion of the process sheet and sample preparation work, can carry out a small batch of sample clothing production, customer and process requirements for timely correction of discrepancies, and the technical difficulties of tackling, so that large-volume assembly line smoothly. The sample clothing after the customer confirms the signature to become one of important inspection basis.