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Tarpaulin use
Mar 13, 2019

Snbao Tarpaulin :

Widely used in the agriculture industry as a protection, covering of crops.

Its water proof and also weather proof that means No leakages, No humidity and No attacks from Microbes or Fungus. Works as the best temporary tents and coverings.

Moreover, Tarpaulin is flexible and tare resistance because the high tensile strength and high elongation makes the Tarpaulin extremely flexible, so the Tarpaulin is ideal for covering odd shaded objects and can be used to cover blunt or solid objects.

Also compared to cotton Tarpaulins,  Tarpaulin is far more economical and it is also available in an attractive range colors and quality.

Works as the best pool covers to protect your pool from snow and dust.


Floor lining for storage or stacking railway wagon covers.

Ground work sheet, transportation.

Water proof liner for trucks, tempos, warehouses, sheds, etc.

Storage Tarpaulin, fumigation covers, poultry shading.

Construction sites - covering for cement bags, equipment, metal rods.

Curtains for unfinished buildings.

In various packaging industries.

Recreational uses at picnics and camps.