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Production Technology of waterproof canvas
May 31, 2018

The production process of waterproof canvas has two kinds, one is the horizontal machine machinery production, that is, the heavy cylinder, put the sheet into the material and then come out on the Pilar belt, through the heavy cylinder bottom pressing pressure flat, and then pull dryer drying, and then cut edge, ring, packaging. One kind is the vertical machine production, will the cloth pull straight into the raw material box pulls out, the sheet material is the high purity PVC material, then both sides have been pulling straight over the machine with the knife scraping, with the knife scraping after the dryer drying, trimming, the circle, the packing. There are two kinds of dryer, one is electric burn, one is using boiler. The PVC coated canvas produced by the horizontal machine is cheaper than the PVC coated canvas produced by the vertical machine. The reason is that the horizontal machine in the production of raw materials than vertical machine production of raw materials to be lower, horizontal machine production can be what kind of rubber can be put up to suppress, but the vertical machine production is not, the raw material requirements are high, Must have a certain purity to the raw material. Often vertical machine production of PVC canvas to a little more expensive, canvas products are also high purity.