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Production flow of woven fabric
May 31, 2018

Face accessories into the factory inspection → technical preparation → cutting → sewing → keyhole nail buckle → ironing → garment inspection → packaging → warehousing or shipping. After the fabric enters the factory to carry on the quantity inventory as well as the appearance and the intrinsic quality inspection, conforms to the production request the ability to put into operation. Before mass production, the first to carry out technical preparation, including the process sheet, the formulation of the model and sample clothing production, sample clothing confirmed by the customer can enter the next production process. Fabric after cutting, sewing made semi-finished products, some woven fabrics made of semi-finished products, according to the special process requirements, after finishing processing, such as clothing washing, garment sand washing, twist effect processing, and so on, and finally through the keyhole nail buckle auxiliary process and the whole hot process, and then after the inspection qualified packaging warehousing.