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Packaging and warehousing of woven fabrics
May 31, 2018

Clothing packaging can be divided into hanging and box two kinds of boxes, and generally have internal packaging and packaging of the points. Internal packaging refers to one or several pieces of clothing into a plastic bag, the clothing section number, size should be marked with the plastic bag, packaging requirements flat and beautiful.

Some special styles of clothing in the packaging to carry out special treatment, such as twisted-crease clothing to be wrapped in the form of the packaging to maintain its styling style. Carton packaging is generally used in packaging, according to customer requirements or process orders to carry out the size, color collocation. Packaging forms generally have mixed color mixing code, single color single code, single color mixing code, mixed color alone code four kinds. Packing should pay attention to the number of complete, color matching accuracy.

The carton marks on the box, indicating the customer, refers to the port of shipment, the number of cases, the quantity, the origin and so on, the content and the actual goods match.

Fabric Inspection Good fabric quality control is an important part of the quality of the finished product.

Through the inspection and determination of the incoming fabric, the genuine rate of the garment can be improved effectively. The fabric inspection includes two major aspects of appearance quality and intrinsic quality. The appearance of the main test fabric is broken, stains, weaving defects, color and so on. Sand washing fabric should also pay attention to whether there are sand road, dead pleat, drape and other sand washing defects.

The defects which affect the appearance are required to be marked in the inspection, and are avoided in the tailoring. The inner quality of fabric mainly includes three items of shrinkage rate, color fastness and Weight (Mmy, oz).

In the test sampling, should be cut from different manufacturers, different varieties, different colors of representative samples to test to ensure the accuracy of the data. At the same time to enter the factory accessories also to be tested, such as elastic band shrinkage, adhesion adhesion fastness, zipper slip degree and so on, can not meet the requirements of the accessories will not be put into production use.