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Large pattern organization of woven fabric
May 31, 2018

Large pattern organization also called Jacquard organization. The characteristic of this kind of organization is that the warp number and weft number of an organization cycle are usually counted to dry, mostly with one organization as the Ministry of the Earth, and another organization showing pattern pattern. Also useful in different table and table tissue, different colors of warp and weft, on the surface of the fabric show color big pattern. The large pattern organization must weave on the Jacquard loom. The big pattern organization divides into simple big jacquard organization and the complex big jacquard organization two kinds, the former uses one kind of warp and a weft, chooses the original organization and the small pattern organization to form the pattern pattern. The latter of the warp or weft in more than one, the use of dual-organization, double-layer tissue, towel tissue, yarn luo organization, or with other organizations to form a large pattern of tissue. Jacquard towel is, jacquard blanket, silk fabric and many other jacquard fabrics are used in large pattern weave system.