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Cost accounting of woven fabrics
May 31, 2018

Material cost of fabric

Raw Material cost calculation = through dense x-width x material (D)/9000x (1+ shrinkage and process shrinkage) x (1+ raw material loss rate) x raw material price

The calculation of weft material cost = weft density x Width x weft material (D)/9000x (1+ weaving and process shrinkage) x (1+ raw material loss rate) x raw material price

If the fabric warp with long fiber with the number of D can be calculated by the above, weft with short fiber is s, then first unified unit.


There are two kinds of raw materials in weft, so you should know the arrangement of two kinds of raw materials. Then calculate the yarn amount of each material by proportion.

If the parallels are A5B3A6B4

Then in the calculation of the material a weft density according to the grey fabric weft X11/18 calculation, the other according to the above formula calculation,

When the material of B weft is calculated, the weft density is calculated by the weft density X7/18 of the grey fabric, and the other formulas

Weaving shrinkage and process shrinkage rate of chemical fiber according to 5%~30%, Cotton-pressing 8~12%

This coefficient is proportional to the increase in the weft twist of the fabric and inversely with the increment of the floating point.

Material loss, if it is Jingwei Unified Press 4%~5%, Jingwei not Universal Press 6~8%

Then calculate the total cost of grey fabric = (warp + weft) raw material cost + weaving cost

Weaving costs are mostly according to the weft density of grey fabric, water jet in the 4~8/weft, this and the location of the weaving factory and product processing difficulty related

Finished cloth cost = Grey fabric cost x dyeing rate + dyeing fee + Freight packing and other miscellaneous expenses 

Note: Density refers to the number of roots within 1 cm