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  • Tarpaulin use
  • Scaffolding cover
  • Production Technology of waterproof canvas
    ​The production process of waterproof canvas has two kinds, one is the horizontal machine machinery production, that is, the heavy cylinder,
  • Waterproof Canvas Classification
    Waterproof canvas is a special process made of waterproof or wet, moisture-proof, cold canvas, generally refers to the plastic coating series.
  • Waterproof Canvas Overview
    Chemical name: wet-process polyvinyl chloride artificial leather Product Name: Waterproof Nylon
  • Introduction to Waterproof Canvas
    Waterproof canvas breaking strength, tearing elongation, tearing strength is much better than the traditional waterproof tarpaulin,
  • Packaging and warehousing of woven fabrics
    Clothing packaging can be divided into hanging and box two kinds of boxes, and generally have internal packaging and packaging of the points.
  • Sewing and sewing of woven fabrics
    Sewing Sewing is the central process of garment processing, clothing sewing according to the style, craft style, etc. can be divided into machine sewing and hand-sewing two kinds.
  • Cutting process of woven fabrics
    Before cutting, according to the model to draw out the layout, "integrity, reasonable, saving" is the basic principle of nesting.
  • Technical preparation of woven fabrics
    Before the mass production, first of all, technicians do a good job before the technical preparation. Technical preparation includes the process sheet, the formulation of the model and the production of sample clothing three content.
  • Production flow of woven fabric
    Face accessories into the factory inspection → technical preparation → cutting → sewing → keyhole nail buckle → ironing → garment inspection → packaging → warehousing or shipping.
  • Cost accounting of woven fabrics
    Material cost of fabric Raw Material cost calculation = through dense x-width x material (D)/9000x (1+ shrinkage and process shrinkage) x (1+ raw material loss rate) x raw material price
  • Large pattern organization of woven fabric
    Large pattern organization also called Jacquard organization. The characteristic of this kind of organization is that the warp number and weft number of an organization cycle are usually counted to dry,